trust reformation

Trust Modification Attorney Serving Henderson and Las Vegas

In cases where a trust needs to be modified, you should seek the counsel of an experienced trust reformation attorney. There are many reasons why a trust may need to be modified. Some of these reasons include

  • Changing the trustee
  • Changing the successor trustee
  • Adding beneficiaries
  • Removing beneficiaries
  • Changing the distribution of assets
  • Adding administrative provisions
  • Changing advisors

Your right to change a trust will depend in large part on the type of trust. However, if a trust includes errors, or has provisions that are not applicable, or for other reasons unworkable, you may petition the court for a judicial reformation. In other cases, where all beneficiaries agree to changes in the trust that are no longer applicable, a nonjudicial reformation of the trust can be fulfilled with a trust reformation attorney

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