Attorneys typically do not inform and educate their clients about probate law and procedure, or estate administration. Probate is an area of law that most people know very little about. Las Vegas probate lawyers provide clients with a general description and explanation of probate in Las Vegas, and will even provide details to further explain as much of the process as the client needs as case administration moves forward.

Probate in Las Vegas usually involves the transfer of assets of the Decedent such as the title of real property or a vehicle to the beneficiaries. Probate Las Vegas also normally involves the decedent’s creditors, the filing and/or rejection of creditor’s claims, and the appointment and/or removal of administrators. Of course, all probate in Las Vegas is court-supervised, and your Las Vegas probate lawyer will vigorously represent your interests.

When a family member dies, or when you need assistance with an estate or trust in which you hold an interest, your Las Vegas probate lawyer can assist you with the proper administration or representation regarding both estates and trusts. Your probate attorney Las Vegas will attend probate court proceedings, assist you in liquidating estate assets and debts, advise as to the proper distribution of assets if not specified in the will, inform of appropriate tax returns, and vigorously defend and/or prosecute your interests in will contests and other contested matters regarding probate in Las Vegas.