Your probate lawyer in Las Vegas can assist you with this category of probate law, which applies only to probate estates that have a net value of less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000). This section of probate law permits the transfer of both real and personal property. The net estate value is calculated by taking the fair market value of all probate assets in the estate and subtracting all mortgages and liens, excluding non-secured debt. Your Las Vegas probate lawyer is familiar with this probate calculation. At least thirty days must have passed since the death of the decedent before the petition can be filed. A Las Vegas probate lawyer should prepare the Petition.

Contents of the Petition submitted to the probate court are: (1) A detailed description of all the estate property; (2) A record of all the liens and mortgages against the estate on the date the decedent died; (3) The estimated value of the estate assets; (4) An account of the decedent’s estate debts so far as known to the petitioner; and (5) The names, residences, ages, and relationships of the heirs and devisees to the decedent, so far as known to the petitioner. Your Las Vegas probate lawyer should assist you with assembling these required probate documents and preparing the petition for the probate court.

A Set Aside Estate Without Administration requires a hearing in Probate Court. Your Las Vegas probate lawyer will prepare a Notice of Hearing that sets the date and time and gives notice to all interested persons involved in the probate estate of the hearing. The Nevada State Welfare Department must also be notified. A newspaper publication is not required in this section of probate. If the probate attorney does not mail the petition with the Notice, then the probate attorney must specifically state in the Notice to whom the estate is being set aside. This section of probate law is often complicated and problematic, requiring the assistance of a competent probate attorney in Las Vegas.